Organize. Free your pages.

We’re excited to announce an update to Paper with powerful new features that enable you to organize your ideas. Freely move pages, move journals, and effortlessly create duplicates of either. Try our revamped Expressive Ink Engine™ which is now up to 3x faster and recognizes edge-to-edge drawing. Download the update today and get organized!

New Features

  • Move. Grab any page or journal with a simple press and hold and use multi-touch gestures to open, close, and swipe for the fastest way to get around.

  • Duplicate. Press and hold the “+” button to make copies of your favorite pages and journals. Duplicate sketches, create templates for layouts, wireframes, or storyboards, and iterate on ideas.

  • Easy add. Never hit the end of a journal. Just swipe from the edge to add another page.

  • Faster ink. Every tool, now up to 3x faster. Drawing is more responsive and precise than ever before.

  • Better rewind. More intuitive feel to the rewind control. The faster you go the more you rewind.

  • Edge-to-edge drawing. Draw close to the edge, and even over the edge. Time for some bold strokes.

  • Custom sharing. Tap on a menu item to customize your share settings. Set your own Tumblr captions and tags.

I use Paper 53 for my “hand Drawn” Sketches! - it is a great app for the ipad!!!!!!!!!

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